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Tall Poppies

When I started Red Lead Kitty it was my intent for this blog to be predominantly about sewing.  I love creating, I love fashion and I admire the many women who are rocking the blogging world with their talent and wit. I sew alone most of the time and a blog seemed like good way to share what I was doing with the wider community. 

But then I started having a bit of a blogger identity crisis. I found myself wanting to write about other subjects I’m passionate about.  About roller derby, and pop culture and hell even food (I’ve been taking food photos for years – I’m a natural blogger). This is all ok because this is my blog, a space to post whatever I want. It is for me, not an audience.

However the audience IS there. When you post you are throwing yourself out into the world, saying here I am, this is what I think. Do I want the world to think I am a giant douche bag? I do not.

I like a rant, I really do. I’m also a big fan of telling it how it is. But recently in the sewing blog community I have seen some posts that honestly enter massive douche territory. This too is ok, because everyone has a right to voice his or her opinions. But when you are outright attacking another person, that is not cool.  That is being a bitch. When you are having a spit because you didn’t rate a mention in a competition, you are being a twat.  Hey, it’s your blog, go ahead and be a twat. If I don’t like what you say I’ll move on. Please do the same here. Or comment and tell me what you think. Conversation is good too.

But don’t hide your ugliness behind a piece of writing and say it’s in the name of constructive criticism. This makes me all kinds of angry.  To out rightly name another person and say they have no talent or right to be doing what they are doing does not reflect poorly on that person. What is does is make you look like an arse.

Tall poppy syndrome – Wiki that shit people and maybe take a long hard look at your posts before you hit publish. 




I’ve finally made a start on the Elisalex dress and I’m damn excited to be using the fabulous purple taffeta (!!) that has been hidden away far too long.

Why yes, that is a velvet flocked spot you see.

And yes, I have been listening to music from the eighties again. Let’s hope I don’t find any tulle.

Tessuti Gridlock Competition


Watson Jacket baby – done did! I totally sewed the hell out of this pattern.





I’m glad I’m not the only one who was cutting this deadline fine, lots of great garments are popping up on the Pinterest board right now. With 33 minutes to spare I emailed these appalling photos to Tessuti. Natural light – who needs it!

Well obviously me, rather desperately. This is what you get for leaving it to the last minute…again.

I’d like to make this one again, but in a black fabric with a less jaunty capelet and no sleeves.

I’m not going to lie, this fabric is not me. But it was good to have this challenge as a motivator.


Oh, and it’s bigger on the inside. Well I say bigger, I mean lined.

March sewing plans


After deciding to make the Watson Jacket for the Gridlock Sewing Competition, Sunday night I went right ahead and cut out the pattern in a small. Yep, I cut out the pattern with NO TRACING! (I hear you gasping).

With the 3rd of April deadline looming I was spurred on by the number of pieces. Basically I got lazy and couldn’t fathom tracing all 15 of them.


Heady at the recklessness of it all (and possibly the beer), I saved the fabric cutting for the next morning. I still need to cut the lining and fuse the interfacing before I get started on this sucker. The instructions read well and I’m hopeful this will go together quickly once I get to the machine.


I have also decided I absolutely MUST make a Elisalex Dress while By Hand London have their sewalong happening. What….that could totally happen. I’ll make it work.


Image: By Hand London


When Tessuti announced their Gridlock sewing competition I was all over it Baby! I love the challenge of a sewing deadline.

Now I just need to make the decision – Dress or jacket?

Knickers Baby!

I’m sitting at my computer, it’s late and I’m typing this post in my new knickers. They are fancy and I’m feeling pretty good.


Image – Liberty London

Wait….where did your mind go? Not that type of good.

Of course I’m referring to The Makers’ Journal ‘Tried and True’ knickers. I mentioned them in a previous post and I’ve now made 2 pairs. I think I am converted to hand made pants.


The pattern encourages the use of Liberty Fabrics (fabulous!). The only reason I haven’t here is because I wanted to make a few test pairs before going crazy with the tana lawn. And crazy I might just go, because I really really like these.

Like enough to post a bottom photo? I think so.