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Vanishing Elephant Autumn 2013

Finding work appropriate clothing is not as easy as it should be. I’m always looking for smart, stylish clothes that I can work into my teacher wardrobe. All the better if they are a tad quirky and cool. Because I don’t want to actually look like a teacher (did your science teacher wear short shorts with long socks and sandals? What a classic look).

Vanishing Elephant came across my radar last year when the always cool but never trendy iskip itrip stocked the Sydney designers first Womanswear collection. With this latest collection I definitely see some pieces that could fit my work vibe (plus my wardrobe really needs a overhaul).  You can view the entire lookbook at Vogue Australia.

Van ele

Images – Vogue Australia


crotch + wrinkles = crinkles

This week has been a little hard. How hard? Returning to teaching after an 8 week break hard. Work and training has taken up a large chunk of my week, and that’s okay because I like both these things. But they haven’t left a lot of time for sewing.


So in the absence of new shiny sewn things, I thought I’d share some old projects. These are two outfits I wore this week. Not feeling the style vibe? I wasn’t feeling it either. The Clover pants had some fitting issues (namely being I cut a size too small) and the A line skirt just isn’t me.


I’m not ready to give up on the Clovers yet, especially after seeing these ones. I need to address the dreaded crotch lines and I think sizing up will solve this.


I do however adore the Wiksten Tank, made here from a stripy silk purchased at Tessuti Fabrics. There are many amazing versions of this tank and I don’t feel I have anything new to add in the way of a review. I do plan on making a dress version soon to layer for the cooler months.