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A fabulous post highlighting some really freaking fabulous and inspiring woman. Thanks Tilly. 


Vanishing Elephant Autumn 2013

Finding work appropriate clothing is not as easy as it should be. I’m always looking for smart, stylish clothes that I can work into my teacher wardrobe. All the better if they are a tad quirky and cool. Because I don’t want to actually look like a teacher (did your science teacher wear short shorts with long socks and sandals? What a classic look).

Vanishing Elephant came across my radar last year when the always cool but never trendy iskip itrip stocked the Sydney designers first Womanswear collection. With this latest collection I definitely see some pieces that could fit my work vibe (plus my wardrobe really needs a overhaul).  You can view the entire lookbook at Vogue Australia.

Van ele

Images – Vogue Australia

“Are you trying to be a fashion designer?”



I was recently asked this question when a student saw these sketches I was doing. I’m pretty focused this year on improving both my drawing and pattern drafting skills, so the short answer is yes, I am trying. However drawing is not something I would claim natural ability in. Sketching the human figure all proportion and honestly –  ain’t nobody got time for that. 

So if like me you are keen on fashion illustration but short on time, I suggest you get yourself a copy of the brilliant Fashionary sketchbook. Have you seen these yet? With it’s stylish fabric cover (mine is red) it looks like a diary and just having it makes me feel creative. The front section has lots of cool fashion related info but the best part is the figure templates, which allow you to get straight into drawing the clothes. 



Image taken from fashionary.org

If you want to try it out you can download templates from their website too. How cool is that!

I’ve also found a few helpful books that I will review soon. In the meantime you should check out these amazing fashion illustration blogs for inspiration:



Fifi Lapin




Sabine Pieper


Birdy & Me


Pippa McManus





Check out them Witches

Last week whilst taking a short cut through Dendy my attention was drawn (by one very
excited 5 year old) to the huge cardboard cutouts for Oz The Great and Powerful.

We are a family that love The Wizard of Oz. It’s pretty much movie perfection, not least due to the costuming (who doesn’t want ruby slippers?). So sure I’m excited that the trailer for Oz looks very cool, but I’m not going to expect too much here in terms of actual greatness. I am however very excited by the costumes. Those Witches sure know how to power dress.

My list of films with amazing costume designs and style is long. What movies do you remember for the fashion?

Make Something Monday

My day so far. I’m on a steep knicker elastic learning curve. I’m also contemplating dresses. I hope your Monday morning has been super. I think I might make ‘make something Monday’ a regular thing.

What are you making today?

Inspiration Intervention


I like to think I’m a creative type. I can spend hours in a good fabric store, considering each bolt of cloth and the many possibilities for a perfect pattern match. I’d never cut it on Project Runway. 15 minutes to get in and out with your supplies- to hell with that! Snappy decisions aren’t my style. I’d be all outraged at the producers and crying “But I need to consider ALL the options for lining” 

I used to think this was ok and was even proud I took time to oh so carefully plan my sewing projects. It usually goes something like this – spy amazing new independently designed pattern (OMG I must own it!) Read and reread pattern, doing the mental sewing (like a bawsssss nerd). Google the shit out of other peeps’ projects (ooh I would have never considered silk dupioni, nice one stranger). Then with the fabric shopping (hours lost) ….then the tracing, so much tracing (can’t cut up lovely pattern). Next step make a muslin. All good sewist do right, RIGHT.  And before I even get to cutting into the expensive silk (who’s dumb idea was that anyway, it’s never going to work, I need drape) I now hate the bloody stupid pattern. 

Have you been here? Maybe your craft is grooming dogs to resemble other animals, but you get where I’m coming from, right? 

THIS is why I don’t get shit done. I suspect this massively slow production is why, of late, I’ve become more of a virtual sewist, living through others’ creativity. But I’m looking for inspiration, right? I’m being inspired. If I Pin am I not creating? 

Ok, don’t answer that. We all know why Pinterest exists (what….you mean I’m not that awesome or fashionable in real life? I so am, Internet doesn’t lie). 

For the better part of a week I have had a shirt in various stages of production on my dining table. Well I say shirt, think T-shirt. It has 4 seams to stitch. 4 straight up, nothing tricky at all seams. I’m not even going to hem the sucker. There are only 2 pieces to join, 3 if you count a small neck binding.  A WEEK! This should have taken me 20 minutes, maybe 25 if I include time for tea drinking. I suck. 


I WILL get this done today.  

Hmmm…. I bet a quick Pinterest search will turn up something that helps me better manage my time……