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33 things

Since posting my 100 years piece I’ve been wondering if I was too harsh on this city I reluctantly call home. There are in fact many things I like about Canberra. I could name at least 10 things without thinking too hard (roller derby teams totally count so I’m at 5 things just like that, ha!).

The more I thought about this the more I wanted to fight that part of me that so eagerly jumps on the slam Canberra bandwagon. You know how it goes:

“This city is boring, it has no soul”

Or my favourite rant, “How freaking much for a house I need to knock down!!!”

Today the Like Canberra campaign released their 100 things to like about Canberra. The list was created by a public vote, and given CRDL feature I’m not about to pull it to pieces… much.

There ARE a few things I’d protest. Dendy and Koko Black for a start. They are both excellent establishments but not exclusive to Canberra. The closeness to Sydney and proximity to the coast made me laugh. Aren’t these just highlighting the fact that these places are better? (Yes, I think Sydney beats Canberra hands down. Good for you if you disagree). 

Below I have highlighted the things I agree should be on the list. I’ve only circled the things I really like, or personally felt a connection with. 


Image: like canberra website

It’s 33 things. This seems wrong, that number is too low. For me there are so many fabulous places, events and people that didn’t make this list. So I’ve had an idea.

I’m going to put together my own list. The 100 things Red Lead likes about Canberra. The challenge will be to do it before the year is out.

In the meantime I’d love to hear what you like about Canberra that didn’t make the list.