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Tall Poppies

When I started Red Lead Kitty it was my intent for this blog to be predominantly about sewing.  I love creating, I love fashion and I admire the many women who are rocking the blogging world with their talent and wit. I sew alone most of the time and a blog seemed like good way to share what I was doing with the wider community. 

But then I started having a bit of a blogger identity crisis. I found myself wanting to write about other subjects I’m passionate about.  About roller derby, and pop culture and hell even food (I’ve been taking food photos for years – I’m a natural blogger). This is all ok because this is my blog, a space to post whatever I want. It is for me, not an audience.

However the audience IS there. When you post you are throwing yourself out into the world, saying here I am, this is what I think. Do I want the world to think I am a giant douche bag? I do not.

I like a rant, I really do. I’m also a big fan of telling it how it is. But recently in the sewing blog community I have seen some posts that honestly enter massive douche territory. This too is ok, because everyone has a right to voice his or her opinions. But when you are outright attacking another person, that is not cool.  That is being a bitch. When you are having a spit because you didn’t rate a mention in a competition, you are being a twat.  Hey, it’s your blog, go ahead and be a twat. If I don’t like what you say I’ll move on. Please do the same here. Or comment and tell me what you think. Conversation is good too.

But don’t hide your ugliness behind a piece of writing and say it’s in the name of constructive criticism. This makes me all kinds of angry.  To out rightly name another person and say they have no talent or right to be doing what they are doing does not reflect poorly on that person. What is does is make you look like an arse.

Tall poppy syndrome – Wiki that shit people and maybe take a long hard look at your posts before you hit publish. 


Bout Day

Photo’s credit: Steven Craddock.
Taken at CRDL’s CULT HITS Trivia Night Fundraiser 20/4/13.

Are you there Blog?

It’s been over 2 weeks and I haven’t blogged. What the hell? Things are crazy hectic sure and life happens, but too much thought and very little action do not a brilliant blog make.


Image: kiwiTACHAN


No dwelling on this however. I’m jumping back in with a book review of sorts. The clue to the title is in this post somewhere. Can you guess it? 



33 things

Since posting my 100 years piece I’ve been wondering if I was too harsh on this city I reluctantly call home. There are in fact many things I like about Canberra. I could name at least 10 things without thinking too hard (roller derby teams totally count so I’m at 5 things just like that, ha!).

The more I thought about this the more I wanted to fight that part of me that so eagerly jumps on the slam Canberra bandwagon. You know how it goes:

“This city is boring, it has no soul”

Or my favourite rant, “How freaking much for a house I need to knock down!!!”

Today the Like Canberra campaign released their 100 things to like about Canberra. The list was created by a public vote, and given CRDL feature I’m not about to pull it to pieces… much.

There ARE a few things I’d protest. Dendy and Koko Black for a start. They are both excellent establishments but not exclusive to Canberra. The closeness to Sydney and proximity to the coast made me laugh. Aren’t these just highlighting the fact that these places are better? (Yes, I think Sydney beats Canberra hands down. Good for you if you disagree). 

Below I have highlighted the things I agree should be on the list. I’ve only circled the things I really like, or personally felt a connection with. 


Image: like canberra website

It’s 33 things. This seems wrong, that number is too low. For me there are so many fabulous places, events and people that didn’t make this list. So I’ve had an idea.

I’m going to put together my own list. The 100 things Red Lead likes about Canberra. The challenge will be to do it before the year is out.

In the meantime I’d love to hear what you like about Canberra that didn’t make the list. 

100 years (and still waiting for that bus)


This town gets a bad rap, and let’s be honest deservedly so for many, many reasons. After a decade of living here I’d like to say it’s grown on me, but it really hasn’t.


 Canberra does try to talk me around, and often I am struck with feelings of                                 ‘hey this town’s alright!’


More likely to happen if I’m outdoors and exercising….


….or indoors and eating.

Yeah, this town is alright.

And when Canberra puts on an event, people turn out in force. Which is really cool because it makes me realise a vibe doesn’t come from a city, it comes from the people who live there.


Happy 100th Birthday Canberra. You almost had me convinced this time.



Until your substandard public transport left my family and 50 plus other lost souls stranded lakeside, late Monday evening. That really killed the good vibe and had me cursing your name. Sir Walter would have been turning in his grave.


Sigh…at least we were exercising outdoors I suppose.