Who is Red Lead?

Red Lead was a kitty. I don’t love cats myself, but I do like catsuits.

This is me.
kylie profile-001


9 thoughts on “Who is Red Lead?

      1. redleadkitty Post author

        Ahhh classic Harlot kissy face. David you take great photos. Steve I promise I’ll post some derby stuff too. Maybe I should make one day a week a derby post.

  1. Missy D

    this is a very cute blog (well the beginning of one). Love to read the inspirational/educational things you write about.
    Missy D

  2. David Mackie

    Thanks RE: the Photos, this year I’m hoping to make all bouts of both leagues and really improve. Even if I hated Derby (as if) I find the bad light and fast pace a real challenge so that would keep me coming take away everything else. Truth be told I really like the pace and homebrew feel of the leagues and every derby girl I have chatted with are also lovely amazing women so totally hooked.

    Wow this is a very long way around saying yes please weekly Derby posts, also don’t be afraid to unleash your inner geek / Whovian.

    While the posts so far have nice I think the sewing might not put me in the right demographic, even though sending SupaWife the link to the cowl neck T-Shirt I’m in the gun for a new sewing machine.

    Thanks for everything so far and you can remind people that they can subscribe to categories via RSS so they can just read the Derby Stuff and Geek if you categorise well

    Thanks again

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