Tall Poppies

When I started Red Lead Kitty it was my intent for this blog to be predominantly about sewing.  I love creating, I love fashion and I admire the many women who are rocking the blogging world with their talent and wit. I sew alone most of the time and a blog seemed like good way to share what I was doing with the wider community. 

But then I started having a bit of a blogger identity crisis. I found myself wanting to write about other subjects I’m passionate about.  About roller derby, and pop culture and hell even food (I’ve been taking food photos for years – I’m a natural blogger). This is all ok because this is my blog, a space to post whatever I want. It is for me, not an audience.

However the audience IS there. When you post you are throwing yourself out into the world, saying here I am, this is what I think. Do I want the world to think I am a giant douche bag? I do not.

I like a rant, I really do. I’m also a big fan of telling it how it is. But recently in the sewing blog community I have seen some posts that honestly enter massive douche territory. This too is ok, because everyone has a right to voice his or her opinions. But when you are outright attacking another person, that is not cool.  That is being a bitch. When you are having a spit because you didn’t rate a mention in a competition, you are being a twat.  Hey, it’s your blog, go ahead and be a twat. If I don’t like what you say I’ll move on. Please do the same here. Or comment and tell me what you think. Conversation is good too.

But don’t hide your ugliness behind a piece of writing and say it’s in the name of constructive criticism. This makes me all kinds of angry.  To out rightly name another person and say they have no talent or right to be doing what they are doing does not reflect poorly on that person. What is does is make you look like an arse.

Tall poppy syndrome – Wiki that shit people and maybe take a long hard look at your posts before you hit publish. 


10 thoughts on “Tall Poppies

  1. Miss Michka

    I could not agree more sweetie!! Well said!! Oh and please keep writing – I dont care what you write about, I love reading anything you write – but please keep up the sewing posts too – I LOVE them! Keep smiling, Mx

    1. redleadkitty Post author

      Thank you, and it sure bloody is tiring. It’s awful to see somebody try and pull another blogger down just because they have gained some success or a little fame. Sour grapes is a perfect description.

  2. Kim

    Ooh! Dare I say I LOVE you when you are pissed off (I also think very highly of you when you are mellow)! Well said and keep on keepin’ on. There are many more awesomes out there than douche baguettes. xx

  3. Nicole from House of Nicnax

    Hi! Just came across your blog from Blog School. I havent come across any of these “bitchy” blogs – and I’m glad!! If I do, I will move on – I dont need their negativity in my life!
    I’m actually a bit like you said – I started my blog to mainly talk about my crafts, but I too go off course a bit talking about food, family outings etc!
    Thanks for the link to your page – Im off to explore some more of your blog now!!
    – Nicole x


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