100 years (and still waiting for that bus)


This town gets a bad rap, and let’s be honest deservedly so for many, many reasons. After a decade of living here I’d like to say it’s grown on me, but it really hasn’t.


 Canberra does try to talk me around, and often I am struck with feelings of                                 ‘hey this town’s alright!’


More likely to happen if I’m outdoors and exercising….


….or indoors and eating.

Yeah, this town is alright.

And when Canberra puts on an event, people turn out in force. Which is really cool because it makes me realise a vibe doesn’t come from a city, it comes from the people who live there.


Happy 100th Birthday Canberra. You almost had me convinced this time.



Until your substandard public transport left my family and 50 plus other lost souls stranded lakeside, late Monday evening. That really killed the good vibe and had me cursing your name. Sir Walter would have been turning in his grave.


Sigh…at least we were exercising outdoors I suppose.


One thought on “100 years (and still waiting for that bus)

  1. kirsty

    It pains me to say this, but I agree with you on this one. Canberra could have been so so good, but the buses, lack of ferries and lack of food (or little ice cream carts) really let it down for me. It’s not like they weren’t expecting that many people


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