“Are you trying to be a fashion designer?”



I was recently asked this question when a student saw these sketches I was doing. I’m pretty focused this year on improving both my drawing and pattern drafting skills, so the short answer is yes, I am trying. However drawing is not something I would claim natural ability in. Sketching the human figure all proportion and honestly –  ain’t nobody got time for that. 

So if like me you are keen on fashion illustration but short on time, I suggest you get yourself a copy of the brilliant Fashionary sketchbook. Have you seen these yet? With it’s stylish fabric cover (mine is red) it looks like a diary and just having it makes me feel creative. The front section has lots of cool fashion related info but the best part is the figure templates, which allow you to get straight into drawing the clothes. 



Image taken from fashionary.org

If you want to try it out you can download templates from their website too. How cool is that!

I’ve also found a few helpful books that I will review soon. In the meantime you should check out these amazing fashion illustration blogs for inspiration:



Fifi Lapin




Sabine Pieper


Birdy & Me


Pippa McManus






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