The 7 day shirt

In pieces no longer, this is the Creative Cate Top from the Australian pattern company Style Arc. I really like their stuff, everything I’ve made using Chloe’s patterns has lived up to their philosophy of industry standard clothes that fit. In fact this is the second time I’ve made this top. It’s quick (ahem) to construct, fits great with no modification required and doesn’t feel like it’s come straight from a high school design and textiles classroom.


love me a cowl neck and crazy hair

Mind you with the high quality stuff kids these days are making that last remark is a little unfair. Teenagers have come a long way from the stitching happy pants. (Damn I wish I had these still, fondly remember the fluro scribble fabric I used back in 1993. Would be bang on trend today). 

Where was I? Oh yes. The t shirt that took me a week to make. I’ve used a white linen knit that is honestly frigging rad. It’s a little see through, but all the better for layering over catsuits right. I’ve also got some navy squirrelled away. I seriously recommend you try some if you are the fabric buying type. I found mine at the always wonderful Fabric Store, but I am loving the colours available online at Tessuti Fabrics now. 

My next project will be meeting the challenge thrown down by my good friend and sewing rockstar Amanda. Check out her mad style at bimbleandpimble



6 thoughts on “The 7 day shirt

  1. Amanda

    This is looking fiiiiine! Super neat cowl and that linen jersey is pretty freaking rad. I’m picking more up on the weekend in Melbourne town… Mmm linen!

    1. redleadkitty Post author

      Thank you and Cowl neck all the things! The fabric is really lovely. I can’t wait to see your fabric haul from Melbourne. It sounds divine. Especially the bear lining – squee!

    1. redleadkitty Post author

      Thank you Jen, and thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a lovely comment. Short hair rocks! I have a super hairdresser (who I suspect has magic scissors).


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